Focus T25 Review


Written by Beachbody, Focus T25 is said to show "shocking proof" as why people are fat and can not lose weight, as well as providing a range of information about how to clean your weight-gain-related internal organs and have results.

The Good 

Focus T25 is a 48 page ebook that has received a lot of attention, primarily on the internet since its initial launch. At 48 pages long, the e-book can be seen as short compared to other similar e-books, but is concise and manageable while being long enough to include sufficient information to ensure the e-book does not appear thin on the ground. Videre, der er to muligheder - The Pro Version and the Hardcore Elite version - with the latter costing $ 20 more than the first's $ 37 price tag - and is for those "who are willing to get a tad HARDCORE!" And "wish to declare nothing short of WAR on their fat ".You might find it on the internet, so you can download it for free. Check youtube also.

One of the main aims of Focus T25 is how to remove the amount of body plaque and colon parasites that are prominent within the body. Program explains that, quite bluntly, "The reason you are fat and unhealthy is because you have disgusting plaque and horrible little critters living in your guts!". Whilst this may seem overly directly for some, it gives a large amount of people the feeling that their weight gain may not be solely down to their diet and that there is something that can be done other than reducing their calorie intake.

One of the positive points about the e-book Is that it Actively Attempts to educate its readers on healthy weight loss, as It provides information outside of the main points of body plaque and colon parasites and Explains what to look for in a quality weightloss management program, as well as what is needed for a full and healthy diet. 

As met veel online-gebaseerde producten, kan er sprake zijn van skepticisme, vooral bij mensen die nieuw zijn voor deze producten en om dit te bestrijden, Focus T25 biedt een volledige en volledige 8 week geld teruggarantie, moet de koper niet de effecten van de e-book zien .


The Bath 


When the Focus T25 is looked at in greater detail, it is apparent that the main principles are to simply carry out basic diet and health care points.  Whilst notable points such as not crash dieting, not eating processed foods and ensuring a full and balanced diet with five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is eaten are all included and discussed in detail, all of this information is generally seen as common knowledge and all is available freely from a range of sources.

Furthermore, the e-book offers the reader the worst possible scenario continually throughout.  Whilst the information and images in the e-book may be relevant to some people, they can be massively misconstrued by others and intimidate people into following some of the procedures in the e-book, without needing to.

Whilst it may only be minor point, the e-book should be avoided for those with weak stomachs.  Graphic images and information are prominent throughout the sales page and e-books itself and can put off several people from purchasing and reading through the e-book.

There’s a lot of information provided on both the initial sale pages and throughout the e-book that uses harmful and controversial phrases.  For example, the sales page openly states that “Doctors, Diet Food Companies, and Health Professionals are now lying to you, and have been lying to you and everyone else for decades”.  Whether this is true or not is irrelevant – any respected professional in the health care field would, or should not be making these comments publicly.

Of the negative points related to this e-book, the most worrying is that it is very difficult to find any records of Dr Suzanne Gundakunst registered as a Medical Doctor.  When records are discovered, it is understood that Dr Gundakunst is registered only as a Chiropractor and therefore has no extensive professional knowledge of weight loss.


Who Would Benefit From This Product? 


If you have always known there was more to losing weight than simply watching your calories, this book will provide the answers. Anyone who wants more complete knowledge of how the body and digestive system work as well as the science behind burning body fat will appreciate the detail given in this book.


Final Thoughts & Advice 


Focus T25 is an e-book that has received a lot of criticism and has, whether unfortunately or not, been labeled as a product that does not live up to its claim on more than one occasion. Selv om mange af oplysningerne i e-bogen kan være korrekte, især hvis de grundlæggende principper er taget i betragtning, en stor mængde af det er set som over-the-top, unødvendigt eller simpelvis uærlig og medically urørt.

Mens noen af ​​de informationer og metoder i e-bogen kan være til fordel for flere personer, er det anbefalt å søke råd fra en anerkjent lege før følgende instrukser eller opplysninger, kan en forandring i kostholdet få negative konsekvenser for personer med underliggende medisin conditions.